The Interview Questions

I’ve never had an interview question in which was so weird or different that it caught me off guard.  I think the “regular” questions were enough.   Questions like  — where do you see yourself in the next five years (I hate the questions because I also felt it was no one’s business what my bigger dreams were and chances are I wasn’t going to be working with them in the next five years).  But I understand why they ask it: they want to know what kind of goals you set for yourself, if you have ambition and how high do you aim.  Let’s be honest, some of us don’t have any goals.  so, interview questions like these can such, especially when you haven’t given much thought to the future.

Don’t lie.  I used to.  ‘Oh, I see myself working for a company and moving up the ladder and using all the skills and knowledge I’ve gained along the way to contribute to the company.’ BULLSHIT!  I mean, it sounds nice, but it’s still very bullshit.  And the interviewer will pick up on this as well.  The truth was, I wanted to go into business for myself, which I did (yay, me) but was afraid to let a prospect employer know because I thought who would want to hire someone who didn’t plan to stay with the company very long? But the fact was, when I started telling the truth — I wanted to go into business for myself — and how I aimed to get there from here, was when I actually started getting call backs for second interviews and job offers.  See, I thought my answer was too honest, but it as my ambition and honesty that made me viable candidate.  And can’t be afraid to answer the question.


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