Letter of Recommendation


A former co-worker of mine called me up and asked me to write him a letter of recommendation because we wanted to look for another employment.  Because he and I — when we worked at the same company — had worked so closely and well with one another, that I had no qualms sitting down and writing him and HONEST letter recommendation of the work you’ve done.  Could you think of a few people who would write you a letter of recommendation?  And what would they say about you? (oh, yeah — I removed his name and the name of the company because I currently don’t attorney fees).

To Whom It May Concern:

During my employment at —- , I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with ——-, Pharmacy Technician.  He quickly adapted to our company culture, made himself available for assistance and proven to be co-worker that was dependable and honest.  It was my responsibility to handle the general clerical and administrative duties of the business office and support the Administrator, ——-.  Much of the time, my tasks included locating and retrieving important and sensitive paperwork and charts for a variety of projects.  In the short time I have known and worked with —–, he has made himself available to any and all of my needs in retrieving pharmacy charts and all related documentation for all the projects that I worked on.  In addition, he re-organized the filing cabinets so that all current and previous charts could be accounted for and found.  —– even made the effort to make mental notations, so that if he did not know where a particular chart was – which was rare – he knew exactly where to begin to locate it.   It wasn’t long that I found myself working with —– in recovering charts that billers had held for extended periods of time and properly placing them in their respective places.  But his contributions – from my observations and working with him directly – did not end at recovering charts and filing.  He was a great asset in keeping the warehouse maintained, stocked and orderly.  He was responsible for much of the coordinated deliveries and shipments that left —– and had a strong relationship with the drivers and vendors.  He would take time to disseminate information to the billers and collectors about specific drugs and supplies.  And the times where I could not reach —– for assistance, he would be in the compounding room taking care of —— most precious output – the medication.  I saw him in the compounding room more than any other pharmacy personnel.  —- worked HARD and all the time.  He continuously kept himself busy and keep the pharmacy department running as efficiently as possible.

It has been a joy to work with —–, it is just unfortunate that I could not have continued work with him further.  Another opportunity presented itself before me that I could not pass up.  Any organization that is looking to take —– on board, would find itself with a wonderful addition.  Any company endangering of losing —— will find their organization lacking and unstable.  I don’t doubt —– can accomplish great things, because he already has.  He enjoys being part of a team, makes many contributions, and is always looking for improved methods to make the business better.  I do not need to wish —– success, because I know he’s constantly working on creating it.




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