Unpaid Internships

Many of you would probably frown at the idea of an unpaid position — you don’t care what it’s called — if you ain’t getting paid, you surely ain’t doing it. Now, if you’re in college, this is a great to get your foot in the door, especially after you graduate. However, in the world where the cost of living in LA is too damn high, most of us skip right over the unpaid positions.  Why? Nobody wants to work for free and I can’t say I blame them.

Check out this article that was posted to Medium by Matt Bors about the potential backlash the LA Clippers are facing (along with a host of other businesses) that used unpaid interns for their support their day-to-day operations.  Then, head on over to the Department of Labor and check out businesses can and cannot do with unpaid interns.

L.A. Clippers & The Unpaid Interns


2 thoughts on “Unpaid Internships

  1. southwerk says:

    I’m glad you’re calling attention to this issue. Unpaid internships are supposed to be a way to help people understand a business not a way to not pay people for hard long-term work. (I’ve written on this topic myself).


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