A Truly Basic Résumé

This was a résumé that I drafted for a friend of a friend not too long.  And, I’ll admit, it’s not my best work, but it was like pulling teeth.  She was a very nice woman and all, but she struggled in telling about her current past positions, what she did there and her strongest and valuable skill set.

If you look closely, you’ll notice she hasn’t worked many places or doesn’t have a lot of education to showcase.  What do you do in the case?  I don’t believe in fluffy or lying — that’s just my personal conviction, because if ever caught, you’re gonna have to back the lie up –so I did what I could do with what she gave and I had to work from scratch.  It’s a very basic résumé– almost too simple.  My biggest fear is that a prospect employer will look at her résumé, see her years of experience and expect more.  I know, I did and I was the one writing it.

Read it and let me know what you would had wrote/phrased or tweaked.  As someone who does this for other people, this kind of curve ball does catch me off guard.  No too mention, there were some words listed under her soft skills I as very uncomfortable using, but hey, the client gets what the client wants (no matter what you tell them, right?)  I’ve highlighted the no-no words in red so others know not to use them no matter what.  She (the woman who this résumé belongs to) was very insistent, so she got her way.  The rest of you, I’ll the be the insistent one and tell you not to use them.  I mean it!


             Inglewood Healthcare Center, Inglewood, CA                                  2006 – Present

             Unit Secretary

  • De-escalates issues between family members and staff; Acts as a mediator
  • Provides document security by handling medical records of patients
  • Ensures the accuracy of collected information in the agency’s system
  • Creates and monitors nursing home activities
  • Establishes the initial relationship between agency and visitors/vendors/family members
  • Responsible for handling and reconciling AR/ AP accounts
  • Ensures patients’ benefits are accurately coordinated for the appropriate services
  • Trains personnel and staff to properly handle the intake coordination process of patient information and provide high level customer service as a PBX operator


            Hardy Nursing Home Management, Los Angeles CA                                               1982 -2006

            Administrative Coordinator

  • Represented the company in multiple functions including: admittance, medical records, supported the administrator and assisted the supervisor with lab work for the patients
  • Provided emergency social services when needed
  • Supported the administrative department by verifying all patient data
  • Managed and lead small teams on various projects to ensure the well-being of all patients
  • Maintained 95-97% of company’s bed-housing facility



              Compton College, Compton CA                                                                     1981-1982

            Studies: LVN/ Health Information


            East Los Angeles College, East Los Angeles, CA                                            1979 -1981

            Studies: Medical Records


Soft Skills


Initiates and leads projects                                       Liaison between diverse groups of people

Problem-Solver                                                           Receptive to ongoing concerns        

Adept oral and written communicator                    Team Player

Adapts to changes                                                     Able to assess immediate issues




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