The Recovery, Jobs and Wages

I’m a little late with this article, so forgive me, but I want you to hone in on two big pieces when you read this:  (1) Entrepreneurship is down because the job market is getting better and (2) the video they share in the middle of the article talks about who’s earning what.

One, I think that’s absolutely crazy that people going into business for themselves has decreased just because there are more jobs available in this economy.  If this recession has taught us anything, is that those jobs aren’t guaranteed, y’know, there not always going to be there nor are they really secured.  That doesn’t mean it’s useless looking for work, it just means you have to work the work.  Find careers that can withstand the waves in the economy and still represent your greatest values and strengths.  Which brings me to two, it’s pretty damn sad that the majority of jobs out there offer less than $20/hour.  CPAs, RNs, Attorneys, all make better money — obviously so since those careers require more education and training, but what is that saying about the rest of the employed populous?  Are they under-educated?  Are they under skilled?  And if so, how do we fix it?  How to we get everyone else  to at least the $21/hour category?

Job Recovery Killing the Entrepreneurial Spirit 


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