3 Areas Your Cover Letter Needs To Address

I sent this email to a friend/ former co-worker who is looking at a Medical Collector position at MLK Hospital here in Los Angeles.  She originally had another one of her friends review her cover letter and and he told her it needed some work.  And who does she drop a line on? Me!  Anyways, pasted below is my reply to her, before I begin to revise her cover letter, telling her what I need from her to help her increase her chances in getting this opportunity she wants.  Hey, we’re all trying to elevate ourselves and get to where we want to be professionally.  So I shared with her the 3 elements I want her to address for me so I can weave it into her cover letter.  I definitely suggest if you’re in the career market, take heed to what I tell her.  Businesses and employers are looking for people who can help grow their business financially.  And if you can’t prove you’re an asset in that department, you’re just one of the hundreds of candidates they’ll toss aside.

OK, Darling.  This is what I’m going to need from you in order to write this cover letter:

  • Any/every job listed on your resume with some kind of  numerical measurement of achievement or success– tell me in numbers, how you helped improved the organizations you worked at (i.e. increased processed claims by 17%, collected 25% more in unpaid claims since starting in 2007, etc).
  • Any additional training, classes, seminars, workshops you’ve taken/attended in the last 5 years in regards your career experience that shows you are always thinking long term about the industry and your career
  • How can you help an organization/ company by coming on board — what can do for your new employer; what they can expect from your previous experience and work ethic. 
The object of resumes and cover letters these days are stepping away from — here’s my experience, can you use me? Employers are looking for, here’s what I can do for you because I’ve done A,B, and C at X,Y and Z companies.  You want to show how valuable you are– that bringing you on board is going to help them save money or make more of it.  Not cost them more.  
Looking forward getting back you reply!  

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