Civilain/ Military Résumé

Below is a résumé I reconstructed for a gentleman who is currently transitioning from being a member of the arm services to being a working civilian professional.  And I remember working on his résumé for 3 weeks (I normally don’t do that, but I had to be flexible with his off duty time) and we went back and forth discussing what was needed, what we were going to dump and leave off  and as a result, the finished product is what you will read.  We talked about what he wanted to do after he was discharged, what his goals were and why some of the information he currently had on his résumé did not apply for the current career market (it was old, outdated, and no employer would caree).   So, chime in and tell me what you think — especially about the meshing of his civilian background with his military service.

*Also, note that during those three weeks, I also constructed his cover letter for a position in the healthcare industry, which I may or may not post later.

Tours of Duty
Clinical Practice San Diego, San Diego, CA 2012 – PRESENT
Front Desk Manager, Outpatient Manager, TLD Manager
• Manage and monitor schedule for clinic’s 1,000 members
• Process all medical boards
• Assign and room patients; take vital signs and health history for medical officer

Coast Guard Patrol Forces, Southwest Asia 2012 – 2011
Independent Duty Corpsman
• Responsible for the healthcare of 300 members
• Trained all members in Combat First Aid
• Trained 30 Allied Forces members in Combat First Aid
• Conducted the treatment and assessment of basic acute illness
• Conducted environmental and occupational health inspections
• Handled and monitored the food service sanitation inspections
• Responsible for the budget and supply management

Coast Guard Yard Clinic, Baltimore, MD 2011 – 2007
Health Services Technician
• Laboratory Manager
o Maintained and stocked all laboratory-related supplies and equipment
o Organized and handled the disposal of all clinic biohazard materials
o Lead Clinic Phlebotomist, performed approximately 15 blood draws daily
o Conducted all in-house diagnostic tests
o Tracked and administered all immunizations
• Clinic Training Petty Officer
o Arranged and organized all clinic training for approximately 20 HS personnel
• Duty EMT
• Unit Health Promotion Coordinator
o Directed the unit’s wellness program
o Provided education/training to promote healthy lifestyle

Advanced Laboratory Tech School,
Navy School of Health Sciences, San Diego, CA, July 2007 – June 2006
Health Services Technician
• Mentored 20 classmates
• Performed medical tests in the areas of hematology, microbiology, urinalysis and body chemistry

Coast Guard Clinic, Air Station Astoria, OR June 2006 – July 2004
Health Services Technician
• Treatment of Acute Illnesses
o Initiated care for approximately 15 patients daily prior to provider contact
o Diagnosed and treated minor illnesses and injuries
• Lab Management
o Phlebotomist, performed approximately 10 blood draws daily
o Performed in-house diagnostic lab tests
o Tracked and administered all immunizations
• Physical Exam Petty Officer
o Coordinated and tracked all physical exams
o Finalized physical exam report and submitted for approval
o Performed preliminary physical exam prior to patient appointment with provider
• Supply Petty Officer
o In charge of keeping clinic materials stocked and up to date
o Used computer skills to assist clinic administrator with inventory and budgets
• Clinic Training Petty Officer
o Organized and tracked all clinic training

Health Services Technician “A” School, Petaluma, CA March 2004 – July 2004
Health Services Technician Trainee
Qualified as a member of the National Registry of EMT’s

Military Education
U.S.C.G. Independent Duty Health Services Technician School, Petaluma CA
• Advanced Laboratory Technician 2007
• Health Service Second Class 2005
• Health Service Technician Third Class 2004
• National Registry EMT 2004

Civilian Education
George Washington University, Washington D.C. 2008
Major: AS Health Science

Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, New Jersey
Major: BA in Liberal Studies 2005

• Meritorious Team Commendation 2014, 2010
• Achievement Medal 2012
• Letter of Commendation 2011
• Recognition for Good Conduct 2011, 2008, 2005, 2002
• Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout 2003

• D.C. Chapter of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Washington D.C. 2011 – 2010
o Assisted in the organization of fund-raisers
o Operated Sales Booth and accounted for all merchandise transacted
• The Maryland Zoo, Baltimore, MD 2011 – 2010
o Dedicated 28 hours/ month as a volunteer zookeeper

Military Resume Blog Image

[photo credit: by stockimages]


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