Interview Mistakes

Yes, you should always research the company.  Find at least 3 things that  stand out to you — even if it’s a question you want to ask.  No, don’t put a lot of emphasis on researching the interviewer or seeing if you have an connections via LinkedIn.  Why?  You may go through a few rounds of interviews, before you’re selected.  The person who normally calls you back and schedules the interview, is an assistant to the person who will be doing the hiring, or a top decision maker.  When you’re at the interview, ask questions about the company culture.  You’ll learn more about the interviewer based on how they see the community of employees at the organization.   Yes, practice your answers.  I rarely had a partner or friend to call on before my interviews, so I would rehearse them out loud.  And when rehearsing, don’t recite as if from memory.  Rehearse as if you’re having a conversation — practice easing out your answers.  No, don’t try to shy away from answering the difficult questions:

(1) where do you see yourself in 5 years

(2) why did you leave your last job or

(3) what are your weaknesses

Being able to answering these questions shows you can endure mild stress.  Looks good to a prospect employers.  Yes, talk about salary — when the interviewer brings it up.  And the best way to negotiate is to talk about what you were making at your last position and what were your responsibilities.  You want to be able to equate the value of what you’re worth to the value of what you can offer.   And no, never leave the interview without asking a few of your own questions — and real questions.   Your questions should reflect your interest in the position, the company and growth opportunities.  Not about how soon you will eligible for raises, bonuses and benefits.  Show a real interest in being a part of the company.

Which mistakes have you ever made on interviews before?  Check out this article and see where you might have fallen.


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