No Job Security?

Pasted below is a link to probably the most pessimistic article I have ever read about having a job I have yet to stumble upon.  I’ll be the first one to root for not having a job (but in its place have either a career or be self-employed), but to blatantly and ignorantly say that being happily jobless is the answer — nah!  I take it that the author of this  article may be undergoing some stressors at his place of employment (if he still has one), but there’s not real substance to his argument — no matter how convincing it may sound.

Except for one thing: There is no “job security”.  Not anymore.

And if we need a little reminder of this fact, we can always flip the history pages back to 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Not good years. Believe you me, I was there too.  Not too much to smile about if you were in the career market.  But just because we’ve had our reality rocked about who can get laid off and at what given time, it doesn’t mean jobs careers can’t have some security.

How?  Become valuable. Become irreplaceable.  Become the person just about everyone in the organization needs, especially the owner/ CEO.  How?  By remembering that a business — no matter what its shape or form — is designed to make money and save money.  I don’t care what the product is, I don’t care the service is.  Every business is in business to make money.  Make that part of your responsibility, and you’ll find yourself pretty damn irreplaceable.

“10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job” —


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