Just A Few Things…

I just finished re-working another résumé and when I sent it off for review, I listed a few thing for them to be aware when reviewing the updated version.  I do this all the time to let them know why I made certain changes.  Sometimes, I’ll make a change, because it’s more aesthetic to the reader, which means, potential employers will find it easier to read.  And easy to read résumés are always among favorites.  Other times, I’ll make a change that removed a whole section, such as an objective statement because they’re no longer employed by job-seekers (seriously, no pun intended there) and if you want to stay up-to-date in this current career market, you want to look as fresh and relevant on paper as you possibly can.

So below is the commentary I sent off that I thought would useful to more than just the sender:

” Just a few things:
1. Objectives are dead.  Which is why you won’t find one on this résumé. Employers no longer care what your objectives are, that’s the interview is for
2. I removed the qualifications section because the meat of your experience is suppose to be “the qualifications” for you — through your work experience and accomplishments, your qualifications are suppose to speak through
3. Not all employers will require references and you don’t want to put that on your résumé unnecessarily.  If an employer wants references, they’ll let you know, and you can provide it after their request.  
4. Also, if you can think of any more computer knowledge you have, the better.  This is now an age where everyone who is working is communicating digitally in some kind of form (even the cashiers at fast food restaurants use digital registers to transact orders).  It’s important to showcase how much knowledge you have digitally to be competitive.”
I’ll hope to post the before and after of this résumé what’s the person is done reviewing so you can see what I meant in the statements before.  Agree or disagree?  Go ahead and let me know in the comments.

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