Company Lies

Okay, career seekers — here’s another interesting article I think you’ll all be a bit interested in.  It discusses the truth behind the things our employers that aren’t necessarily true, that if we aren’t careful, can come back and haunt us.  Luckily, this list is only comprised of 4 items, but trust me, I’m sure there are much more out there.

Now, for item #3, I have some advice I probably shouldn’t give because it can easily be misconstrued as not the most approach — but if you find yourself on an interview and the interviewer is asking about why did you leave your last position and the fact of the matter was that you got fired, simply say “the job ended”.   Technically, the job did end.  We don’t necessarily need to say or why, because getting fire can be an ugly and resentful element to throw in the mix, especially when we’re looking to start fresh some place.   So, if you’re in the career market because you were fired and your current prospect wants to know why you left, say the job ended.  If they ask why (and they will, because the interviewer process is where they’re aim to do the most probing as possible), again, just say that the project/assignment can to an ended and you were no longer need for it completion or it was completed, thus you were no longer needed.  Listen, I’m not trying to have people out there lying to get jobs.  But there are more pleasant ways to discuss sensitive topics that don’t have to dim the light on all your other accomplishment.

Check out 4 Things Your Company Might Tell You That  Aren’t True and tell me what you think.


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