The Unknown (And Unwanted) Recruiter

How many of you have ever gotten an email from someone claiming to be a recruiter from a company you don’t remember for?  As a matter of fact, you know you never applied to any position at said company, and yet they claimed they found your résumé, want to set up a time and a day to speak with you for an interview and they have other positions available that may be of interest to you.  Well, let’s hold the hell up for a second!  How the hell were they able to contact you in the first place?

CareerBuilder.  Monster.  Any of those job seeking websites that you may have created a profile on.   And some third party (or parties) were able to buy your information to solicit you with other supposedly employment offers with companies you never heard of.

“Are you available for a local interview Monday afternoon or in the morning?
Please email me back with your .doc or .pdf résumé. I would very much like to work with you. My name is ———– and I’m a senior Job Recruiter trying to fill positions in your area. You are receiving this email because you expressed interest in a position we have offered regarding Receptionist/Customer services/Administrative professional.
Please register on our website submitting your full name, email and contact number at and follow the on-screen instructions so we can process your résumé.
You must complete all steps and answer all questions.
After putting in your name, contact number and email please immediately, email me back.”
A lot of the times you can either, unsubscribe, or report the sender as spam or phishing.  Careful, however with reporting anything as phishing as spam, because you’re  now acknowledging to other third parties you are real and so is the email address.  But if you’re still baffled as to you and why you were sent this email, just delete the damn thing.  And next time you’re creating a profile, be mindful of all those boxes that are already checked for you.  I un-check them.  I suggest you do the same.

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