One of the easiest ways to move into the career you want — and to get out of the jobs you don’t want — is to become indispensable.  It’s a mouth full and much easier said than done, but in this article by Chris Gaborit that he posted on his blog, he list 5 (five) ways to become indispensable at work.  In other words, ways to become that valuable employee the employer doesn’t want to let it go.  And that darlings, is a very good thing.  When you actually have the company’s interest in mind and it’s showing, you’re more likely to earn more responsibilities.  Those responsibilities usually come with better titles, better pay and promotions.   Things people with just a job normally don’t receive.

These 5 items he list are elements in the workplace that have to be continuously worked on — there is no one time thing here.  But neither is building a career.  However, I will say I disagree with item #3.  I’ve heard so many employers asking for candidates that can multitask, it’s becoming a joke to me.  Do employers really want someone who thinks that they can juggle 5 things at once?  It’s improbable.  Why?  Yes, you may have a dozen things that need to get done before the day is out and five more things may jump up in between the 12 you were already working on, but you don’t attack all 17 at once.  NO, you don’t.  You prioritize.  You take care of the most urgent items first, then move on down the list.  Why?  Chances are (and being honest here) you’re more likely to f— something up, forget to do something or half-ass all 17 tasks.

If any employer asks can you multitask, say you “prioritize”.  Yes, you can handle a dozen things on your plate, but you take care of the important items first, then whatever needs your attention after that.

Other than that pesky multitasking bit, I think Chris has got some good pointers.  Check them out: 5 More Keys To Becoming Indispensable At Work. Which do you already do to make yourself an indispensable asset?


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