Interview Feedback

I hated this, too.  I hated this so much.  Going on an interview, showing up 15 minutes early  as requested.  Filling out those annoying as hell job applications for 10 minutes, sit there and wait for my name to be called for another 15 minutes.  Have a  rushed 5 minute interview because I am one of 20 people being interviewed on that day, and never hear back from the employer.  What the hell, man?!

After every interview, regardless of how I felt about it, if I had decided I really wanted the job or not, I always emailed a thank note.  Something simple, reminding the person who interviewed me what I had to offer, what we talked about during our brief encounter and why I thought I was the right person for the position.  Nine times out of 10, I always heard back.  Even, if they had offered the job to someone else.  Maybe it’s because email has become so widespread (free and easy) that hiring managers and employers don’t have to dilly-dally when communicating that I was able to hear back from most employers.  Maybe it was easy to tell me that I didn’t get the job in an email, than over the phone because there was no connection, no way for them to hear the tone of my voice, or see the disappointment in my eyes.  Or maybe, I heard back because I simply took another 5 minutes and acknowledge the interview immediately after the interview.

Nick Corcodilos discusses in his Ask The Headhunter article posted under Making $ense,how job applicants have become so numb to not hearing back from prospect employers, that they’ve ignored that there are measures they can take to get answers.  Yes, the job may have gone to someone else, but it would be nice to know why we didn’t get the job, right?  As I think back to the hundreds of times I was told I didn’t get the position, the employer pleasantly replied that there was someone else in mind or had more experience.  But was that true?  Was that the only factor?  Should I have — should job applicants — start asking why  we didn’t get the job rather than letting silence be the answer?  What are we afraid of?  We made it as far as the interview.  Fight The Interview Double Standard


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