When Re-Working A Résumé…

… I ask a whole bunch of freaking questions.  Yep.  And it can be pretty annoying, I know.  But in my defense, I know SOOOO many people who really don’t know understand their own work history to communicate it accurately with me.   That’s not say that they don’t know what they’ve done or do in their current or previous position, they just don’t think about it in a strategic manner.  Yes, strategic.  Because working is very much a road trip.  We go from one point to another, to another and sometimes back again.  Sometimes we’re there a short period, very much like a visit, other times, we’ve been there so long, we’ve set up roots.  Either way, always be mindful where you’re at in your employment experience, what you’ve picked up along the way and your value.

Below, is a snippet from an email I sent to a friend of mine who asked me to rework her and her boyfriend’s résumé.  He’s in construction and she’s a Nurse with a Behavioral Interventionist background.  And I sent them shared questions — questions I generally asked just about everyone —  so I know what I’m working with and what I can use.  My questions haven’t decreased, simply because employers want more from their candidate pool.  So the more you can give me — and the more in-depth you can provide it — the less challenging it becomes to re-work someone’s résumé.

When sending me those résumés, I need both of you to answer as thoroughly as you can these following questions:

  • In each position, how did you improve the work place, help employer or help the company?
  • What is you biggest accomplishment in position you’ve had/ listed on your resume?
  • What additional languages do you speak and are you fluent: speak, read, write, translate, conversational?
  • What countries have you traveled to? 
  • List all licenses you have that can be use for employment
  • What volunteering experience do you have?  What was your title, what were your responsibilities as volunteer and how you there for (month/year)?
  • What projects have you worked (they can personal projects that might have led to self-employment, school projects that maybe pertained to your career goals)?  What month/ year did you start these projects?
  • All education, completed or not (month/year)
  • All training, certificates, seminars, workshops you’ve attended (month/year)
  • Any work or school related awards of achievement (month/year)
  • Please list all computer software applications you are familiar with (i.e. MS Word, Excel, AppleWorks, LexusNexus, NPA Works, etc.)
  • Please list all social media platforms you’ve used or are familiar with (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)”



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