Employment Deal-Breakers

I think Britney Helmrich has hit the nail on the head when it comes to what employees what in their workplace.  And if you really pay attention to the list of three (3) items — growth opportunities, work-life balance and more money — it’s not really asking for much.   Think about growth opportunities and what’s really being asked  — employees want to feel responsible to handle more than what the employer thinks they can.  And get aptly paid for it.  Completely understandable.  Self-employed people feel the same way: we want to grow in our industries, be able to enjoy the kind of lifestyle we want and be paid what we’re worth. It’s no different.

Now, if we were to look at these “deal-breakers” on an individual level, I’m sure many people can probably add 15 additional items.  What about the ability to work from home?  Or flex-time, or the company car/ phone?   Onsite or company sponsored child-care?  Some of us may have more thing we’d like to see from our employers than others.

Every time I left a job and prospect employers would ask why, I’d say advancement opportunities.  And it wasn’t a lie.  I cannot begin to tell you all how many administrative and office assistant positions I’ve had in which my employers expect me to deliver miracles for minimum wage.  Or read their minds.  Or ask high to jump.  And most of those jobs didn’t go anywhere.  The next position up would be their job, and they were not having that! If I wasn’t such as avid job-hopper, I would still be making $10/ hour for some real-estate-financial-management-healthcare-insurance consultant (I never knew who was more confused, he or I).  But I have limits –then and now — when working for an someone else.  That’s why I gravitated to the notion of being my own boss.  It’s been 10 times harder than any employer I’ve ever worked for, but it has been 10 times more freeing than any other employer I’ve worked for.  And I am my only deal breaker.

What would your employment deal-breakers be?


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