I gotta disagree. Passion needs to play an important role — an active role — in our careers. We spend too much time earning a living to just do our jobs as we’re suppose to. Yes, we should be passionate about our work, as well as make our work our passion. We need to have a reason, other than a paycheck, to get up in the morning. I know there’s a lot noise coming from self-titled experts who say to live a happier life, you need to discover what makes you happy and make it your work. And I agree with that philosophy more than the DON’T make your passion your work reasoning. Too many people suffer in their jobs, too many people have no passion for what they do — there’s no point in telling them to stand still if they’re already there.


& the only way it should ever be tied into an interview.

There is so much crap on the internet, in books, etc, etc, about finding your passion when unemployed. It became such a fad it was termed Reinventing Yourself and lectured as Make Your Passion Your Career. A new fad; certainly is not. That crap has been drilled into me since I was three. Why turn what brings joy and happiness, a Gift bestowed upon by God and ancestry, into a business where grief, worry and loss profits?

So quit trying to find yourself and be real with who you are. When asked during a job interview what you are passionate about, take the opportunity to share what is important in your life and dedication to it. Your response should not be work focused, but be sure what you share is not something that could potentially cut in to…

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