Pick A Career…

Pick A Career

I remember my mother telling me after I graduated from college and was on the hunt, to look for a job with good benefits.  That was her mantra, “Make sure they have benefits, make sure they have benefits.”  That seemed to be very important to her.  But this was coming from a woman who hated to work.  Who, till this day, hasn’t had the chance to really explore how she would have liked to earn a living.  She’s always worked for the sake of working — pay the bills, provide shelter, produce the food — and no other reason.  She hates working and to my knowledge, always have.  But she’s never worked for enjoyment; she’s never worked from a passion.  She’s always worked because she needed to.  And it became that the only thing she enjoyed from working were the benefits.

She’s one of many who doesn’t quite believe you can earn a living and live a passion at the same.  But it’s possible.


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