…”have to replace you…”

Just so EVERYONE is clear on this matter (and I believe it falls under the Family/Medical Leave Act [FMLA]) no employer is allowed to fire you if you’re on disability.  It’s against the law.  Now, this was forwarded to me — by my request — and I don’t want to say too much about company and people because, technically, this is a confidential email.  Even the person who forwarded this to me doesn’t know I’ve posted it, but I needed to show you all — some of you already know — the kinds of employers that are out there.  Be really careful who you work for.  I hate to say it, but there are more bad bosses then there are good bosses, so gestures like the one you’ll read below may not be as common, but it isn’t rare.  And I’m sharing this because –again — I want people to stop grasping at jobs and firmly build careers.  And careers are built around good companies and honest people (I didn’t say nice, and for a reason).  So when you think about how you just need a job, think about what that job may cost you in the end.

Dear L———,

The email stream below documents the fact that you were placed on notice concerning your absenteeism.  This documentation also includes your commitment to make up hours missed due to that absenteeism. 

On Tuesday, July 22, 2014, you left me a voice message stating that you had to be out due to your knee condition for 2 months.  On July 22, 2014, I left you a voice message at ———–explaining that, unfortunately, vacating your position for 2 months was unacceptable and that I would have to replace you since, as you know, we are extremely short-staffed and we cannot meet productivity goals and quotas with your absence. 

Today, I finally reached you and explained the situation directly to you. 

We will be mailing your final check to the P.O. Box shown above which will include the balance of accrued PTO.  This check will include deductions for your health insurance which will allow coverage to the end of August.  Please contact HealthNet directly for COBRA information. 

 We wish you luck and hope that you will be able to resolve your health issues. 


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