Now Hiring…


I think she means it.  And if you’re interested, she’s looking for someone to help her manage the day-to-day operations of Salon Eclectic.  Salon Eclectic is a beauty salon that caters to hair, nail and body care.  Kahley owns Salon Eclectic and she’s been building up this popular establishment by her little lonesome.  She’s doing an amazing job, but as you grow a business, you need more hands, and obviously, she needs more hands.  Now, I’m warning you now, Salon Eclectic is located in Anthem, Arizona.  For those of you unfamiliar with our AZ neighbor,  Anthem is outside of Phoenix, a little suburbia.  Yes, she’s looking for a personal assistant position and yes, the position is about 500 miles away (I’m speaking to my L.A. people).  But some of the most rewarding careers have started out first by being an assistant to someone.  And I’m speaking from experience.   This isn’t a move for everyone, trust me, I know, I lived in Arizona for like four years.  But if you don’t mind the weather, travelling there, or the politics (had to throw that in there) and you’re interested in fashion or beauty, this might be something worth checking out.  New beginnings gotta start somewhere.  You can call Salon Eclectic at 623.551.1262.  Hurry.  She’s gotten a few offers already!!
Salon Electric


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