When Writing A Cover Letter… Part 2

I finished writing the cover letter from the lovely young woman who, sent to me yesterday her original and I posted, — she’s applying to be a Registered Nurse at one the LA County Hospitals.  Here’s her updated cover letter that I re-worked.  Tell me what you think!

Dear ————–:

I am interested in the Registered Nurse I/ Relief Nurse opportunities at one of the Los Angeles County hospitals.  This position was brought to my attention by one of your former LA County employees whom I’ve had the pleasure working with at Saint John’s Health Center.

I’ve always had a strong desire to work with people in need, especially with children.  My desire to be of service first led me to pursue a career as a Behavioral Interventionist after finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.  After five years working with children with social and developmental issues, I realized I had not fully actualized my dream.  I wanted to be a nurse.  That, I felt was my calling.  I didn’t want to be another person putting a band-aide on the problem, I wanted to help eliminate the problem altogether.  So I returned to my alma mater, Mount St. Mary’s College, in January 2011 and enrolled the RN program.  During my time there, my studies and hands-on training included rotations at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, UCLA Health System, Torrance Medical Center and Huntington Hospital.  During my 768 hours of clinical experience, I acquired the tools to work in Pediatrics, OB/GYN & Maternity, Geriatrics, Psychiatric and surgery.  I received my Bachelor’s of Science in 2014 and successfully passes the California state exam

 I am not naïve about what nurses endure to maintain patients’ overall care and well-being.  I have spent the past 3 years making this goal my main focus.  I understand hours are long and the workplace can be demanding.  I’ve been working as a Nursing Assistant and Administrative Associate for a while and I see first-hand all the demands that are placed on nurses. But I also see all that they contribute.  It felt good working as a Behavioral Interventionist.  I got to observe children’s behaviors improve, positive habits re-enforced and parents making strides to keep their kids’ success going.  But it doesn’t quite compare seeing someone leave the hospital on their own strength, seeing them recover and rehabilitate or finding the source of one ailments and removing it completely.  Everyone has pains, there’s just not always enough people to help out with those pains. 

 I have included along with my cover letter and application, my résumé for your review.  I believe that it aptly describes my experience, training and education.  I know there are many contributions of my own that I can make as nurse in the LA County Hospital system and I look forward to discussing those with you in person.





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