7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Looking For A J.O.B.

No J.O.B.


  1. JOB security no longer exists.   You cannot trust your employer to look out for your interests.  YOU have to do that, because no employer will
  2. Most JOBs are dead-ends.  If you haven’t had a dead-end yet, count your blessings, because those are the kind of soul-crushing experiences that leave people empty inside.  We’re not designed for monotony, we’re built for growth.
  3. Most JOBs are designed to steal the most precious hours at the most precious times of your day.  That you will never get back.  Yes, we all have to work to live and yes, many of us will be in jobs for a while before we make those leaps to a career.  But if we stay too long in a JOB, we are just giving away are precious time.
  4. JOBs are rarely as rewarding as careers.  Careers give back, JOBs don’t.  Teaching is a careering, Building and Designing are careers. Computing and Applying are careers.   Marketing and Selling are careers.  Flipping burgers… ain’t sh*t.  Unless you don’t mind asking people if they want fries with that.
  5. JOBs are normally attached to wages per hour.  There’s nothing wrong with earning anything per hour, but you’re letting someone tell you what they think your time is worth for every hour you’re working.  Careers are normally straddled with salaries.  And salaries look better as you’e moving up the career ladder.
  6. You pick up skills in a JOB.  Skills are taught.  Anyone can learn a skill. But you cultivate experience and expertise in a career.  Way more valuable than any skill.
  7. Most JOBs do not mentally require anything more than a high school diploma.  Despite what the job description says, you do not need a Bachelor’s degree to be an Office Assistant.  Careers, require education, personal development and experience.  Careers require you to throw yourself into it, not pass a typing test.

Listen.  I’m not saying don’t get a job.  Much of the time, in order to start a career, we have to start with a job.  I saying don’t just aim for a JOB.  Don’t stay in a JOB that doesn’t serve your career aspirations.  But you need to pay the bills?  Fine. Give yourself 3 months in that crappy JOB (and you know it’s crappy, so stop lying to yourself) and find something you can actually get excited for in the morning.  There are so many people I’ve come across that do not know what it feels like, it baffles me.  But that’s the point.  If you’re not motivated or inspired by what you do, you’re just in another J.O.B.



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