Where Do You Job Hunt?

I’m always curious to know how people find the jobs that they do.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always remember hearing and reading about other people networking into a position.  But if you’re coming straight out of high school or college, the vast majority of your circle of connections are people your age.   They  themselves are also looking for work.  So where do they majority of people find employment?  I, myself, use to scour Craig’s List like crazy.  And with it’s infamous background, it was the most successful online job board EVER.  CareerBuilder sucks ass.  That’s not an opinion, that’a fact.  I would only get calls from companies looking to fill sales positions and ironically, that was the one job category I left unchecked.  Monster wasn’t any better.   Indeed’s a joke, too.  LinkedIn, came in second to Craig’s List.  And company websites came in third.  They offered more rejection, but in that, they offered more responses.

Please, share in the poll where you’ve ever job hunted before.  Going off of my experience, and the people in my circle, it seems like the sites that don’t require you to upload a résumé, are the job boards that actually response to job-seekers.   Listed below are few of the overwhelm online job boards that I know many people use to search for work.  If you don’t see the one you’ve use, go ahead in share it in the comment space.  And yes, these are all online job boards, because these days, you gotta be digital.


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