Getting Creative With The Job Hunt

MSN Money Partner posted a really interesting article about seven (7) unconventional ways to apply and look for work.  And although these are all different techniques than the regular routine of sending and submitting an application and a résumé, I’ve heard of these ideas before.  And they’re appealing, but  they’re not probable (as in, probably not going to work).  And here’s why:

  • If you’re looking for work or in between jobs, you don’t have the funds to be feeding other people, as #6 suggest.  You’re too busy trying to get yourself fed.  Some of us can only stomach top ramen 3-4 days in a row before we need some real substance.  Instead, trying feeding a prospect employer information.  Show them you’re up-to-date with their company/industry/competitors.  Give yourself a competitive edge with the company by giving the company a competitive edge.
  • Getting face time, says #5.  HOW??  How are you going to find where these people spend their time outside of work?  A lot of higher-ups, stay in their offices or buildings during their lunches and breaks.  If you’re lucky, building security isn’t all that tight, you can make your way up to the company floor, elbow the receptionist in the face and glide right into the office.  Well, we can dream!  Instead, if you can spare time, volunteer.  So much freakin’ easier.  And you can plaster if over your résumé.  Keep in mind, people who volunteer also work.  And they may know of openings at their companies where they can put in a good word for you and pass along your CV.  Insert foot into door.
  • Advertising on social media, #1.  This is a fairly new idea given how fairly new social media is, but this is also an over-saturated tactic as well.  Everyone and they mama is doing this!   And the worst part is seeing how you measure up (or down) to similar candidates vying for the same positions.  You have a better chance of getting a job on CareerBuilder.  Instead, narrow the competition.  Write out a list of companies you would like to work for and call them up.  Old school as hell, but not too many people are doing this because they think getting seen online is faster.  Not necessarily.  It’s been said that most jobs aren’t posted.  Calling, puts you ahead of the crowd.

I will say that  of these seven, the best one that I know of and used is #2; creating my own job.  It eventually led to creating my own business, but it allowed me to give myself experience without having to play the run-around.  Is it harder?  Yes.  But, it can also be really rewarding.  You just have to been willing to put in the energy and time.

You’re looking work, hopefully for meaningful work or a position that can lead into something meaningful.  Don’t get fancy with it.  Just be smart about it.


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