Fool Me Once

I was very impressed when a group of young adults became alarming suspicious about a job offer they applied to via Craig’s List.  A gentleman (I use the term loosely) by the name of John, was posting an ad soliciting people to write subtitles for movies paying them per word.  Requirements?  Must have good command of the English language and be a pretty decent writer.  When the guy replied back to the interested parties, he exhibited NONE of the requirements he had asked for from those applying.  And the recruited quickly caught on.  Below, are the correspondences that took place.  It’s amusing, but mostly, informative.  Rather than ignore this guys as a scammer and a potential threat to their identity, a few of these people took action,  brought it to everyone’s attention and shared the information with others on the email list.  What would you have done?


hey there,
how r u hope u good day .
first of all this is my almost last email or contact between u and me .
i send this email to give u some instr. and to know some rules b4 work with us
we r v big team (350)members at different work bet. translation , transcription ,uploaders,coders and seo teams
i attach img to help u understand our job …..i hope i can draw… 🙂
for example my work iis to link u to other teams if they accept u or not .of course they did.
so my work ends by your work 🙂
so from now forwards all ur contact and work instruction w’ll be with MR STEVEN george ******
who connect u with the uploaders and coders and he’s responsible for ur earnings details
anyway these are some requirement for the work
u must have good interner speed as u download file usulaly range bet 500 mb to 1gb
if u have a problem with this let me know not MR steven
your file links will be sent to u at 22 pm at utc
u must download and do the work within 20 hr from this time
according to extension or file u just write it as txt file
as i said we have teams for timing and coding
send the file txt to MR STEVEN GEORGE within 20 or send refuse ot it within 10hrs otherwise u will penalised
the link of ur first work will be sent by MR STEVEN GEORGE AT fri 20 pm utc
IF U HAVE about work or payment send it to MR STEVEN GEORGE***stevenGeorgeLOSMOVIES@GMAIL.COM***
MR John Adams


Am I the only one of us who is extremely worried about this guy possibly sending us transcription work?  I mean, he write like a moron who hasn’t graduated 3rd grade.  No capitalization in the structure of his sentences, dropped prepositions and articles…not even a date on his letter?  Something doesn’t seem right and I don’t think I will be accepting assignments from him.  I doubt he’s got the ability to even pay.  Thoughts?


John Adams or whatever your name is:
Please do not contact me about this anymore.
I don’t know what kind of scam this is, but you should be ashamed of yourselves, preying on people who are obviously desperate for work.

Hi everyone,

Thanks to Scott and Rachel, who were suspicious of this job offer, I investigated a little and got a reply from the real people at

Good luck in the future!!

Here it is:

During last three days someone posted ads on some websites regarding hiring.We know nothing about John Adams.

The ads use in there email-names the name of our company pretending to conduct hiring on behalf of our company 

We are receiving a lot of emails about hiring transcriptionists

They have used such emails:

So just be careful

Best regards, Nick Kowalski



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