Field Supervisor After…After

If you remember the Field Supervisor resume I worked about a month ago and shared, this is look VERY familiar.  Because it is the same resume, but the client wanted to add more work history as to target employers that work with the elderly.

Again, it was like pulling teeth, and I say that openly and honestly.  A lot of people do not know how to aptly expressed their work history to go after the careers they really want.  And truth is, many people underestimate their previous experience forgetting some of the best details that will make them shine to ideal employers.  Now, as simple as this change was, I had to get this client o remember as much as they could about the related experience they wanted to add (dates, explores, duties, location — the easy stuff, you would think) to help me create space and purpose for  it on their resume so that it all relative of her overall experience.  Below, is a snippet of our email conversation:


Lest see, beside having the staff that I needed to supervise and assist, I have my own case load where I had to work directly with clients teachng ILS. My duties were provide with jobs, if the client have the ability to work, assist client placing him at at day program, or school. This clients live by them self at home, or with relatives. Also part of my job was to take clients to the doctor, keep track of their medication, (medicine management), teach them money management, shopping skills, personal higiene, socialization, how to advocate for themself. 
What do you think?  
Mention how many years of experience you have working with seniors and what kind of work you did during that.  Explain why it’s a passion of yours to work with seniors, what do you get out of it.  Describe your energy level — what are the things you’ve done while working for seniors in making sure all their needs were met while under you care — how far have you’ve gone to make sure you did the best you could for them.  Define your personal best — what does that mean for you and what can someone who’s going to hire you expect from you when you’re giving your personal best. How long have you’ve been certified in adult CPR?  Do you have any other certification that relate to your work with seniors?

Morning Michelle. lest see, I’m been working with seniors for approximately 10 years, my duties?……light cooking, medication management, keep track of doctors appointments, light housekeeping, laundry, companionship, and shopping. I love it because they are very vulnerable people, also, I believe that somehow I’m responsible for looking after other people needs. What do I get out of it? Satisfaction, I feel satisfy when I see someone that I care getting well, feeling better, I feel that I’m doing a good job, I feel that I have done good for someone who’s in need, that’s where I get my energy. How far have I gone? waking up in middle of the night to go attend this old lady that I was taking care. someone who’s going to hire me can expect that I’m going  to give 100%, I’m going to show that I care for hie/her love one, and they can trust me that while that person is under my care they have nothing to worrie about it, to me this is not about a pay check that I’m going to collect at the end of the day. I’m been certified adult CPR for the past 12 years. I had a CNA, and Home health certifications in the past, but they both expired, I think that’s what’s killing me right now, I don’t have any credentials.
And the result (which was just a simple section based on how much information I could tie together as cohesively as possible) —
Quality of Life Services, Inc. Downey, CA
Field Supervisor                                                                                                          2012 –Present
·       Manage and oversee a clinical team of 50 members
·       Guide and instruct the staff of on to effectively find resources for clients with SSI, medical hygienic issues, parenting skills, and affordable housing
·       Ensure all reports and materials are collected, compiled and edited completely in order to meet state standards and required deadlines
·       Conduct comprehensive assessment for all clients receiving assistance
·       Guide and monitor clinical teams to make sure program goals are designed and met according to standards
·       Point of contact for CEO, Program Director, staff, & South Central Regional Center (SCLARC)
·       Train, mediate and evaluate the performance, care and program objectives of the direct-care staff

South Plus, South Gate, CA
Field Supervisor                                                                                                          2005-2010
·       Responsible for the day-to-day objectives of a team of 30 employees
·       Built product relationships with clients and families ensuring immediate needs and goals were met
·       Successfully provided an environment for clients to connect and build relationships with one another
·       Trained and supervised the performance and care of the staff with clients and families
·       Coordinated the schedules of staff to accommodate the needs of coverage, overlapping and relief while caring for clients

We Are Family, Carson CA
Field Supervisor                                                                                                          2003-2005
·       Oversaw a clinical team of 20
·       Responsible for identifying and delivering the needs of clients that included life skills
·       Liaison between management team, Executive Director, clients, and involved family members
·       Participated in the company design for distributing resources to clients via supervisor meetings
·       Responsible for recording, maintaining and setting up staffs’ schedules to meet the needs of clients

Private Clients Experience/Independent Living Skills

·       Cerebral Palsy & Mild Retardation/ Verbally Aggressive
o   Instructed clients on to control anger issues and resolve concerns through feelings and reasoning
o   Instructed clients how to better communicate with others and the general public
o   Taught higher function clients how to find and secure employment
o   Helped clients in connecting and communicating with loved ones

·       Autistic Adults
o   Taught how to be transportation management and mobile independence via Access and Metro public ways
o   Assisted in self-directing time management and planning
o   Assisted clients in obtaining  SSI and IHSS benefits
o   Instructed clients how to manage and budget income
o   Taught Clients how to advocate for themselves

·       Elderly/ Semi-Independent 
o   Assisted clients in getting to regular doctor appointments
o   Managed medication dosage and prescription filling
o   Take of personal hygiene and meals
o   Supported older clients in moving about their homes safely and with ease

Inglewood Adult Community School, Inglewood CA
General Education                                                                                                                  2013

Computer Applications/ Office Instruments
MS Word        MS Excel         MS PowerPoint           Internet Explorer       Yahoo! Mail
Safari               Google                        YouTube                     Copier/Fax                  Scanner

Additional Languages
Spanish – Fluent
–        Read          – Write            -Speak/ Communicate                       -Translate

Volunteer/ Community Involvement
Los Angeles Mission, Los Angeles CA                                                                                                2013


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