Do The Hustle

I recently caught up with a former classmate of mine from high school and we started talking about where we were in our lives and what we’ve been doing — as those conversations always seem to migrate that way — and he mentioned that he was currently working four (4) jobs.  Yeah,  4 jobs.

Do the Hustle pt. 1

Now, only one of them is a passion of his, massage therapy.  The others are a means to a end — support the passion and support him.   That is to say, he’s hustlin’ and hustlin’ hard. He’s working 7 days a week on any given job.  Now, when I asked why so many jobs, he told me that he had the time and that his plan was to partially retire in the next 5 years.  He’s about …hmmm… 2 years older than me.  Which means, he wants to retire when he’s 36…? I guess.  Ambitious, I’ll give him that.  But when I asked him how he was going to retire, the answer got scarier.  Scary, how?  He mentioned some MLM company that he had signed up with that was going to help him exponentially increase him income.  And if you ever gone to one of these  MLM information/ introductory meetings — and yes, I have — they ALL promise you that there is no cap on how much money you can make and the earning potential is limitless.  You can retire young and enjoy the rest of your life as you want.  Sounds so wonderful.  Sounds pretty.  But there are a few things that rub me the wrong way about MLM companies, and I’m not even going to bring their questionable reputation.

The first item that bothers me about Multi-Level Marketing companies, is there is no emphasis on career.  They immediately talk about the earning potential you can make, without ever stressing the importance of finding a company, theirs or someone else’, in whose goals you’re aligned with.  Making money — and a whole freaking lot of it — is probably what many of us would like.  But if you’re still miserable with money, what the hell was the point?  They make no connection between loving what you AND making money.  The second item that disturbs me about MLM companies, they’re sales gigs.  Essentially, that’s what they ALL are.  I don’t care what the product is, I don’t care what the service is, you would be selling something on behalf of the company to your friends, family, strangers, your friends’ friends, your friends’ family, your family’s friends and their friends.  You’d be hustling more than if you just had your own part time Do the Hustle pt. 2business.  And the really bothersome thing for me, is that it’s a really alienating career — especially if sales is a turn off for you and you’re not naturally comfortable talking to people.  It’s gonna suck ass!  Oh, and you’ll be broke.  You’ll be broke because you won’t earn anything until you sell something.  And who are you selling to?  Friends, family, strangers, friends’ friends….. which will start to alienate you from the people closest to you.  Friends don’t want to be your customer.  They want to be your friend. HELLO!

I get it.  I really do.  It’s frustration, it’s desperation.  It’s a strong desire to have things change for the better.  It may even be a need to feel proud of what you do for a living, and it’s easy to feel proud if your bank account is large.   But MLM companies?  They’re just not my thing.  They may be his.  And I wish him the best of luck, if  that’s what he wants to pursue.  He hasn’t pressed me about the information he shared, and that was wise of him.  But I honestly think his hustle will pay off first.

When you’re out there hustling, especially for a dream, it teaches and trains you to make sacrifices, to manage your time, to manage your circle of influence, to learn quicker, to adapt faster and respond with more precision.  You learn to work with the resources you have — there is no beg, borrow or steal.  There is only “make it work”.   Falling, failing, stumbling, stopping, dropping, starting over are common.  It’s expected.  But that’s why they call it a hustle.  There is nothing easy about it.  But there is nothing easy about going after your dream, either.


Do the hustle.




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