Looking On LinkedIn

A classmate of mine sent me a LinkedIn message this past Tuesday, asking to connect.   When I saw it was her, I accepted her invitation and immediately sent her a message exclaiming that it was a about time she joined LinkedIn.   I say that, because while in school, she and I both had a part time business, and she was is a photographer.  And LinkedIn, in my small irrelevant opinion, is a great place to connect and network.

I am a fan of LinkedIn for a very few, but important reasons: (1) This is a place of professionals.  People geared towards advancing their careers. (2) No games, no bullshitters, nobody trying not shoot the breeze or kill time. (3) TONS of free information from experienced like minded people wanting to share and exchange knowledge. (4) And if you’re in the market for a change in careers or a better employment opportunity, this is the place. Unlike Monster and CareerBuilder, these jobs are real and you really will hear back from employers.  I’m speaking from experience. 

Below, is just a visual I captured of the conversation I had with this classmate that reached out and connected with me, just to illustrate how one can create ripples in their career hunt using LinkedIn. Much of time, all you have to drop the word in someone’s ear and let it spread from there. 
Looking On LinkedIn


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