Faking It On The Job


I always find it peculiar that people feel the need to guard themselves at their place of employment.  I get it, trust me. Not everything needs to be shared; your coworkers don’t need to what you do off the clock and your boss doesn’t need to be all up in your business.  Got it.  But what’s the point of being fake at work?

Yes, it is in our best interest to be professional, composed and well-mannered while on the job. Otherwise,  people get written up and they lose their job. But so many people put on a face in order to go work and perform their assigned tasks. Really ? Think about that for a moment. What the hell are we doing for a living that we cannot share even a small bit of our real self? Who is our employer that is inhibiting our self? And why are we still working there?

Who has the time and the energy and the patience to fake it with people in which they spend 40-60 hours a week of their lives with? I know I don’t! Are you afraid that your coworkers and supervisors won’t like you?  Then you should have asked about the company culture when you were interviewed for the position. Don’t care about the job or company? Quit. Work somewhere you give damn about. Seriously.

This whole façade of pretending to be something for the sake of the professional status quo or advancement, is why so many people are unhappy where they work. Is it why so many people are unhappy that they work. They made a commitment to a soul crushing experience. They’re faking it.


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