Now and Then


It took me a minute to absorb this information on this photo, to really let this cold hard fact sink in.  It cuts deeper than the value of work, but the evolution of employment (or in this case, de-evolution). How a job wasn’t something you complained about, but bragged about.  How a job was a staple to status and security, not uncertainty.  How a job actually brought home a paycheck, not a I.O.U.

Back then, a job showed:

○ You had a decent education
○ You had integrity
○ You were dependable
○ That hard work could actually pay off and amount to something
○ That you understood what it meant to support and take care of obligations
○ You understood what it meant to lead by example
○ That you were going to take of you and not make that someone else’s responsibility

Nowadays, a job:

● Is expected, but not respected
● Just the pays bills
● Something we dread and bitch about
● Keeps us from our real dreams and passions
●Feels confining and limiting
●Eats up the most important part of our days
● Demands time away from our family
●Demands time away from ourselves

But is it time that has changed how we see and value jobs? Or, have our values changed and thus the way we see jobs?

We can talk all day about inflation, the cost of living, downsizing, big corporations and job elimination and we’d be right.  But somewhere along the way, we’ve allowed someone to think that our output is less valuable than the input of the all mighty dollar.

We’re doing the work for less money and we wonder why so many of us hate our jobs.


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