What’s With The “Job” Postings?

The goal of Résumé Mojo is to help people find their ideal careers by enhancing their résumés.  But I’ve been posting a lot of “job” opportunities (I like to think of them as employment opportunities, but — to-may-to, to-mah-to). With that being said, the truth is, we will all have jobs.  We all will work in jobs.  It’s almost impossible to avoid a job if you’re working for a living.  It is what it is. I accept that. So should you. But the point of a job is to build a career. All the hands on training you’ve learned, all the knowledge you’ve acquired, all the programs and systems you mastered, take that with you and continue to build upon — off and on the job.   Don’t let a salary cap, a job description, an education gap, or a snotty boss deter you from aiming higher.  Many of our jobs will suck and we’ll hate most of the people we’ll work for.  But along the way, we collect a number of professional tools to build the ideal career we can see ourselves getting lost in — in the good kind of way.

So, yes. You may notice some “jobs” being posted here.  If you can nab them,  take them. Build up your skill set. Build up your portfolio. Take the best of a worst job (if you have to) and make it matter, dammit.  Yes, it’s just a job for now.  But you’re not thinking about the short term.  You’re thinking about the career. And that’s all you need to be thinking about.


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