Just Because They’re Hiring…


I know you need a job. I even understand you needing a better job. But just because they’re hiring, doesn’t mean you need to apply.   I get it. Unemployment creates feelings of desperation.   And under employment generates feelings of frustration.  But when you chase after any job, you’re forcing yourself to accept any wage. You’re forcing yourself to tolerate any kind of working conditions.  And frankly,  you’re putting yourself in the position to swallow all kinds of bullshit. Is a job worth that? Is $8/hr worth that? Is $10/ hr that? Are you willing to exchange 8, 9 or 10 hours of day for someone else’s crap?

They’re hiring. Believe it or not, someone’s always going to be hiring.  And if. it’s not where you want to work –if it’s not what you wanna do — so what.  Know your value and know what drives you.  Jobs will always come and go.


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