Don’t Wanna Work, Still Wanna Get Paid

No Work, Still Get Money


In the world of business, particularly for entrepreneurs and investors, when you’re bringing in money — an income — but you’re not working (directly) for it, it’s consider either passive or residual income.  Something you’ve set up that is working for you without you working for it (nice, right?).  For a few others, when you’re receiving money without having to work for it, you’re probably receiving GR.  I’m not saying that to tease or mock anybody, but there aren’t too many scenarios in which you can earn money without having to first work for it.  Hey, even the illegal shit requires effort — busting knee caps isn’t always easy or glorious work.

And yet, everyone wants money (and mostly for the sake of living than for greed) but no one really wants to work.  At least, not where they’re at or doing what they’re doing.  This is an on-going sentiment.  A sentiment with a solution, needless to say, but a continuous sentiment nonetheless.   So the questions becomes —AGAIN — if we could earn the income we want, doing what we actually want to do, what would that look like?



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