The Reviews Are In

I was talking to a former co-worker and buddy of mine this past weekend regarding life and what changes have been taking place in our respective line of work.  He told me about a current part-time co-worker of his who is a floating Pharmacist, who just so happened to land an interview at the place my former co-worker and I left willingly, what feels like eons ago.  And he was telling me that this floating Pharmacist was just looking for some additional part time work — as he’s semi-retired — and thought he found a decent opportunity through a temp agency.  Needless to say, my co-work laughed when the Pharmacist told him where he was interviewing.  I damn near laughed.  My former co-worker said he did his best to be as objective as possible –and honest — he admitted that he couldn’t detach himself from resentment and emotion in which he left our former company.  And  I completely understand.  I hated that place too.  I never worked in an environment in which the owner and manger of the company deliberately created a culture among its employees to back stack, lie and sabotage one another, until I worked there.  As as we were talking about this over the phone, I realized there are a few places I that I’ve worked in which I wished I knew exactly what I was getting myself into before I accepted the offer.

Sites like Yelp and GlassDoor weren’t prominent 5-10 years ago.  And as job candidates , it was hard to get a real feel of a company based off the hiring manager’s opinion.  Of course they tell you it’s a great company to work for.  They need you to believe that bullshit.  If you bought that load crap they were selling during the interview, you’ll soon be looking for any way out in your first six months.  Now, some people are fortunate enough to network there way into a position.  In which case, they are effen lucky. Not only do they have someone talking them up to hiring managers, but they also get a real insider’s view of where they’ll be working.

And that should be an automatic wherever you’re applying.  Now a days, it’s almost impossible to find a company that doesn’t have some sort of web presence, even if the company doesn’t have a website.  In which case, DIG, DIG, DIG!!!  Find out as much as you can about your potential work environment.  Many career experts will tell you to research the company in order to be knowledgeable during the interview.  I say research the company to know if it’s even worth going to the interview.  Some reviews are downright spiteful.  One person will have one bad experience with their supervisor one time and take it out on the whole company.  It happens. But consistency doesn’t lie (neither do numbers).  If you find multiple people saying the same thing , that might be your first red flags.   No one wants to get caught working in a hell hole they could have avoided.  Reviews are just as important as the interviews.


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