Drifting in the Job Market

Drifting  & Unemployed: I moved to this city very recently, leaving behind a mindless job I did not enjoy, and a lot of friends. I figured with the booming job market out here it wouldn’t be difficult to find a job which paid better than I was making, doing something I could at least stomach, if not outright enjoy.
Since moving here, I’ve met with three temp agencies, send out dozens upon dozens of resumes, applied to numerous positions, and I’m still no closer to finding any work. The closest I’ve had was one seven hour day at an apartment complex.
I’m at a total loss as to what I should do, and it’s killing my motivation and happiness. I have no idea what I want to do, but I can at least narrow down some of what I would not like to do merely based upon my experiences.
I come from a predominantly banking background, initially starting as a teller and working my way up to teller manager for several companies. The pay is low, the benefits are mediocre to good depending on the company, and the hours are great. I enjoy interacting with people for the most part, and I’m good with money, but what I don’t like is the sales hungry environment. The primary metric by which someone is judged is sales – and it’s not selling things to people who need them, but selling anything to anyone. I don’t feel someone who has had 17 overdrafts in their checking account in the past year would benefit from a credit card, but banks don’t care, they just want you to push their products.
My most recent job was a property insurance loss draft call center gig. I would work the same hours Monday through Friday, which I did enjoy, and there was opportunity for overtime, which I also consider a plus. The downsides of the work were that it was very repetitive and dull, i.e. 95% of your calls were practically identical. The other big downside was an almost constant barrage of furious people, sometimes rightfully so, but the amount of verbal abuse my co-workers and I received was enough to drive anyone down.
When I explain this situation to most folks, they always stress college as a way to find myself and find a career I would enjoy, yet both my attempts at attending college were abysmal. I really do not feel college is for me, at least at this point in my life.

Resume MojoCollege is a great atmosphere for networking and meeting like minded people. I definitely wouldn’t chalk it up to the be all to end all.
As someone who was born and raised in LA, I already knew the job market here was hard — if no harder because we have more people fighting for more jobs– and would’ve wished someone would have told otherwise. And mindless jobs are just as abundant here as anywhere else. Sorry to hear about your struggles thus far.
If your background is in banking (and finances, to some extent), you may want to consider bookkeeping, if you haven’t already. You said you’re good with money and you moved up the ranks (which any employer would like to hear). You won’t be working much with people, but you would be to set your own hours, or negotiate them. And you would like be able to to have a say with how the finances are manage.
Temp agencies are tricky. Smaller ones are better (speaking from a experience — I know of one right now that could help you if you’re willing to take anything in the meantime). Another alternative, freelance. Offer financial services to people with personal project and business for a fee. Keeps your resume looking fresh and money in your pocket.


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