…To Another Candidate Pt. 2

And is wasn’t because you weren’t qualified (keep in mind, the qualified candidates get interviewed).

And it wasn’t because you didn’t have a great deal to offer — room to grow.

You weren’t too far from the job.

You didn’t raise any red flags (fired from the previous job).

You didn’t have other previous commitments that would prevent you from being there when they needed.

You didn’t have a negative or desperate attitude.

You just weren’t selected as the ideal candidate for the position.

And this happens more often than not.  People get passed up and never know why.  It’s common  — if  you know better — to send a “thank you for your consideration” note, letting your would-be employer know that you appreciated them taking the time to meet with you and talking about the opportunity to work with them.  But then it ends there.  Most stop with an ‘oh, well’ thank you note.  Most people forget to ask WHY they were selected, or what the candidate they selected had that you didn’t have, as to why they were chosen and not you.  What’s the harm in asking.  You didn’t get picked anyways.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know how the competition won over the position so that you’re better prepared next time?


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