The Right Fit

“Thanks for you interests in the —– position at ———. We have reviewed your application.  Unfortunately, you are not the right fit for the position at this time.  I am sorry for the disappointing news.  Best of luck in your job search.”

Rejection is common in the job market.  And if you’re not getting rejected, then you’re either not applying for/ towards the career you really want.  Or, in fact, your shit does really smell like roses.  In which case, lucky you.  For the rest of us who’ve been rejected — so what.  We weren’t the right fit for THIS position at THIS company.  It’s lucky for  us there are other companies and other openings.   But before we brush off the rejection and turn our career search energies elsewhere, make sure to acknowledge the rejection by doing three (3) things:

  1. Thank the hiring personnel for taking the time to review your application.  Now, for all the skeptics out there, this is where you’re going to have to take their word at face value.  If they said they reviewed it, then they reviewed it.  “Reviewed” could mean they skimmed for keywords, they glanced at for 30 seconds, or whatever else they defined reviewed as.  Needless to say, thank them for their time
  2. Ask what the hiring personnel was looking for in an ideal candidate.  What weeded you out from the selection, in other words.  Get in the habit of asking this and as often as you can.  The more you know what hiring managers are looking for, the more you can counter it in your cover letter.  And if you’re luckier, during the interview.
  3. And then ask to be kept in mind for any other openings that the company may have in the near future.  They have your réesumé.  They’ve established small, but some line of communication with you.  There’s no harm or foul in asking.

And now that you made the these three efforts, keep looking.  They call it a job hunt for a reason.  And rejection is just part of the process.  Expect to go through it.  And it’s a two-way high.  Yea, someone at a ABC company may be telling you that you’re not the right fit for a position with them, but it just may be they’e not a right fit for you. You may have dodged a bullet.



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