After The Money

Wanted Paychecks


For many of us that want a better career/job than the one we have, it comes down to the money.  If another company offers more money, most people would take it.  Most people would leave their jobs for better paying ones.  Those that have a second job is because the first one wasn’t paying enough.   We want a better career and we also want to make sure we get paid well for those careers. It’s just common sense.

But there are times we confuse something better with some more.

  • More money = better job.  
  • More responsibility = promotion or advancement.
  • More experience = better suited for the job.  
  • More  years vested = better job security.
  • More time invested = better the reward.

But these are misnomers of the past.  And if it comes down to the fact you’re simply working for the money, then the only thing better is more money.  But what are you giving up for that more money.  What is the value of a paycheck?  What does it signify other than you have a job and that someone has employed you?


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