True Story: Lost and Irate

I worked for this company that has a couple of offices in Northern California and the main office (where I worked) was in Los Angeles.  And the company did a lot of monthly hiring.  On no particular day, the LA office got a call from this interviewee who was lost trying to get to one of our northern based offices, however, when she called the office to ask for directions,  she was already 20 minutes late to her interview.  Red flag number one.

Three employees, myself included,  tried our best to verbally steer her to the office via Google Maps. When I say we tried our best, it wasn’t because we didn’t know how to read a map or didn’t know our East from our West. It was because her cell reception kept dropping.  How do we know it her reception and not ours? We were talking to her on a landline. So she’s calling while she’s driving and lost and becoming overly frustrated. Red flag number two.

The cherry on the pie however, came two hours later after this interviewee kept calling the LA office still attempting to find the office determined to be interviewed.  She did not know the individuals in the LA off worked for the hiring managers and the woman who would be interviewing her was just a middleman woman.  That interviewee’s call became very irate and emotional to the point it was escalated to our Chief of Staff. Why? After speaking to handful of help people trying to get to where she needed to be after the fact,  she blamed everyone she spoke for why she missed her interview.  She said that we hung up on her and that we gave her bad directions. Red flag number three.

Needles to say, she was never interviewed and would never be asked back for an interview. Even after her mother called (yeah, her mommy called).  Simply because:

● She called to say she was late after she was late, rather than before. (“Hi, this is so and so and I’m going to a be so many minutes late to my interview at whatever time.”)
● She obviously had not done a dry run to the location a day or two before, which showed she was unprepared in many other ways.
● She could not accept responsibility.  She was lost. And it was no one’s job to help her to get to an interview she was already late for.
● She got emotional. Getting lost to a job you may need is frustrating.  But becoming irate and blaming others, only guarantees you won’t get the job.
● Her mother called. Show your age and grow up.


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