Now That It’s Friday


What are you going to do with it?  You’ve waited all week long for this fifth work day to finally arrive, what are your plans? Sleep in? Go out after work with friends or coworkers? A little shopping? Video games?

Do you anticipate Fridays like it’s a cure-all to  the work week?  Why?


6 thoughts on “Now That It’s Friday

      1. Dave says:

        Hanging my head: apology’s. Think of it as celebration about giving your best to the profitability of your work place. You have given them your all, your best, You made sacrifices for a portion of the pie.

        Ummmm -I guess I really don’t have the answer as to why they glorify time away from work. I suppose it’s a time to laugh, love and play. You don’t always get that Mon-Fri while your under the gun so to speak.


      2. Résumé Mojo says:

        I completely understand that. Everyone’s needs a regular breather from work to come back and feel rejuvenated. It’s when we focus are thoughts on not being at work than being in engaged at work, is when we should start to reflect on what we’re doing and if we extracting joy from it.

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      3. Dave says:

        I get that. If one truly loves what they do to earn an income, time away can seem pointless. Those that work only to earn an income, can’t wait to get away and do what they love. Thus it is only natural to “look forward” if you will. To the things that one loves doing and yes, loose focus of the task at hand.

        If I were to give advise for one that was only working to earn a paycheck. I would say: Get off the hamster wheel, stop going in circles to no where and go do the thing that you are most passionate about. One only lives once, do what makes you happy!

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