Happy Thanksgiving


For those “implants” who weren’t born and raised in Los Angeles, I know many of you fall into one of two categories: you hate it or you love it.  There doesn’t seem to be too much of a middle ground.  For the natives here, it’s home.  It’s always been home. It’s not the flashing lights and Hollywood glitz and glamor that so many think of or come here for. It’s home to many average, working, decent people aiming to make something better for themselves. Many of us aren’t trying to walk a red a carpet, have a wardrobe malfunction or be in front of the camera in any kind of way.  We just want to go on living our lives as best we can.

And no better day to be thankful for the opportunities to live our lives as we wish, as best we can, than on Thanksgiving.  We’re not starlets, serious actors or soon-to-be discovered models.  Yeah, we have dreams and ambitions too. But, we’re just working people using what we have to build something better.  That’s something to be thankful.


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