True Story: Not Applicable

A woman called my place of employment stating that she received a missed call from our number and she wanted to return the call.  I asked her who was she looking to speak to.  She said she didn’t know.  I asked her who the person was who left her a message.  She said she didn’t know but she remembered seeing a little voicemail icon on her phone.  Okay.  I then asked if she has listened to the message because knowing who called her would help me better direct to her to who she needed to speak to.  The woman said she hadn’t listen to the message just yet, but she knew she had to be in response to a job she had applied to recently.  I asked her did she remember the position she applied to.  ( I already knew what job she had applied to because we were only hiring one type of field position.  She gave me so many wrong answers so far, I just wanted to see if she knew why she was calling at this point.) She said no.  She had been applying to so many jobs that she forgot who she was calling back when she called our number.  I didn’t know what the hell to say to this woman anymore.  The only polite and professional thing that escaped my lips was to ask to her to listen to the voicemail and then trying calling us back,  I couldn’t believe a grown ass adult could be this — stupid!!

A person calls a prospect employer showing continued interest in an opening only to show they know next to nothing about who they might work for.  Yeah, I made sure our recruiter did not return her call, did not take her call.  Did she call back?  No, not to my knowledge.  I’m assuming at some point she realized how dumb she sounded.


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