Complacency: Biggest Career Killer

I was on my lunch break in the lobby of a building at my job enjoying the view of the rain, much like today. The mailman had finished distributing the mail to all the office units in the building and was heading out. He was pulling a small cart behind him with a few of those white mail crates. As he was exiting the building, one of those crates fell off his cart inside the lobby. The mailman must not have heard it fall because he kept going. I saw the crate fall. And I watched the mailman continue to walk away. And sat there, looking at the box, not budging, just staring. I debated for a few seconds whether or not to get up and see if the mailman was still around and hand him his missing crate. But I didn’t. I just sat there. I justified not moving my lazy ass by saying that I was on lunch and one of the building personnel would eventually come along and deal with it. The crate sat there for a few minutes before one of the building’s personnel members retrieved the crate and tracked down the mailman, as I predicted. I, during that time, did nothing. Didn’t even make an effort.  And as I thought about it,  it would have take less than a minute to get up, get the crate and give to the mailman. But, I didn’t.  Why? Yeah, you could say I was lazy. I think I was too complacent.  Complacent with being on lunch. Being in a comfortable position, feet raised on top of the ottoman. I was too uninterested in helping someone else out because it would expelled unnecessary energy I didn’t want to give during the only time in the day I could call mine.  Complacency, unwillingness and uninterested are all related. When we care, we act. When we don’t,  we do nothing.

Think about where you’re at professionally.  Does your role show that you care? Do you do just what’s expected and nothing more?  Do you do nothing? Are you okay where you’re at? If not, have you acted?  Why not? Doing something, especially for someone else, is how we move away from the roles we do want to be in to the roles we do want to be. It may be one act here and another act there, but they all add as long as we keep acting. Complacency keeps us locked and trapped. If you’re at a job you don’t like, start taking action and see where that guides you.


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