Great Job


For the longest time in my employment experience, I wanted my superiors and bosses to tell me that I was doing a great job. I equated being told “great job” as to being valued.  Think about it.  You don’t get told you’re doing a great job unless you’re actually doing a great job. And those getting told they’re doing a great job must be doing something right and above the standard of someone’s expectations.  So, I wanted to hear great job. And I wanted to hear it often.

But those two words mean nothing if I wasn’t at a great job. When we’re young — and dumb — we go after the praise.  We go after the recognition.  We go after the wage, the salary, the title, the location, the appearance.  We have little knowledge, if any, of how much more valuable we are than all of that.

And with age, comes a little bit of wisdom. Not a lot, but enough.  And what I’ve wanted is to have a great job, versus than hearing I’ve done a great job.

If have a great job (feel free to substitute “great” for wonderful, fantastic, awesome, inspiring, rewarding, or whatever else a job should mean to you) you’ll never crave to hear how well you’re doing. When you’re doing something worth your time and energy and resources, you’ll always be doing a great job. Why would you not? Yes, you are doing a great job. But are you at a great job?


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