Use It Or You’ll Lose It

My best friend, of 20+ years, and I went out last night for sushi and to catch up, as we always do, at least once a month. And the topic of job hunting came up as she mentioned that she’s a — BRN? BSRN? I don’t know what the letters were, but she was saying that she recently received her Bachelor’s in Nursing. She’s licensed and she has another Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.  And yet she can’t get a nursing job where she wants to be at, a hospital.  She knows she can work in home health for the experience, which would give her a lot of responsibility, but when she decides to apply to hospitals, she’s afraid that her home health background won’t be taken seriously as acute medical experience. 

She’s went back to school, did the extra work, put in the time to make herself more desirable to her ideal employers and still cannot get the work she’s spent so much energy geared toward.

I did the same thing.  After receiving my Bachelor’s in Global Security and not I finding a job after graduation, I went back to school to complete a Marketing and Small Business Management certificate, thinking employers would like this.  After all, I was taking an active role in my professional development (as I should have anyways). But I too found it hard to land the jobs I wanted. And I was going crazy. What what more did I have to do…damn?!

And that’s what my friend is going through right now, as I expected many people, both young and seasoned are.  If we perceived we don’t have enough weight on our résumés, most of us will try to add to it. But what’s the point of getting  more education, more training if we’re receiving less job offers? How the hell does that make any sense?

I know what it feels like to want to lose my mind having all this education and training and not to be using it. That was money and time down the drain.

Until I realized one important thing I needed pair all that education with…


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