How Was The Interview?


I was really glad to hear that her interview went well this past Monday.  And much of the time, it does feel like our interviews go pretty well in the moment. But when it comes time to hear something back from our prospect employer regarding the position we’re applying for:

○ Make sure to follow up with a “thank you” note.  This could be as simple as sending an email overview of the interview and as well as reminding the interviewee why you’re the best person for the job.
○ Give it one business day if you haven’t heard anything back from the employer.  Remember, they’re running a business and things do come up.
○ If you still haven’t heard back, send a polite email that asks about the status of the position. Make sure to use the right salutations and do not sound needy.
○Keep looking.  Employers don’t always respond as quickly as you would like them to. So keeping looking for another employment opportunities while you wait. You might find one something you would have missed waiting for one job to get back to you.


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