True Story: First I Had It, Then I Didn’t

I had worked for a home infusion pharmacy for 9 months that I was dying to get away from.  It was a toxic work environment. I dreaded going into work every morning. Which, I know others feel similar on a regular basis. And like many other people who are fed up working in a combative workplace, I looked for work elsewhere. I was constantly applying for jobs and seeing who was hiring and going on interviews when offered.

Well, submitted my résumé online to a local publishing company Glendale. I told so myself when I was considering applying, “you never know, might as well see.” Great self advice, poor results.  I ended up hearing back from the owner of the company within a matter of days.  I scheduled an interview, had a  follow – up interview and a meeting with his second in comand. All great signs.  Then the owner told me he needed me to start right away after what I thought was our final meeting. Believing I had this job, I gave my infusion pharmacy job one week’s notice. Hell, I hated it there anyways. So, I put my notice that Monday, late afternoon and was gone by Friday evening, with a surprising farewell (flowers, cards and candy).

I was so excited, because of all the possibilities I had discussed in my interviews and what the role they wanted me to fill, was endless. But it turned out, the owner needed to postpone me coming on board. First it was a week. Sure, fine, whatever. The job was mine. But, then that week turned into two weeks. Two weeks turned into a month and a month turned into three. 

Needless, to say by the end of month one, I had started to look for work again, but I was pretty pissed off.  I had been made to wait and wait and wait for a job that never came that I was told was mine.  I thought I had a sure thing, but it wasn’t.

Now, why did one month turn into three? Why did I wait?  It took me a while to find another position that paid decently. I wasn’t anticipating having to job hunt all over again.  I had gone through my savings to paid the bills while waiting and was pissed off about that too! I was hoping to expand my savings, not dwindle it. And you better believe while waiting, I called the owner… several times. My conversations with him became voice mails. And those voice mails became unreturned messages. I got the hint someone was a sneaky bastard.

But despite that ordeal and the financial burden it cost me, it was my fault. Despite what we think, there’s a lot that’s still within our control. I failed to request an offer letter. I took the owner’s word and that fell through.  It was a hard lesson learned, but I learned it well and I learned it once. 


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