True Story: Misspelling Bee


I’m going to give everyone a minute to look at the photo above and to ask you to focus, not so much on the content, but rather the items highlighted in yellow.

If you need to reread it, go right ahead.

Some of you may have done a double take. 

If you haven’t caught it just yet,  let me spell it out for you (pun intended).


The job applicant misspelled her own name.

Read it again.

It’s one thing if you go by a nickname or a shorter version of your name. But to actually misspell your own name which you’ve learned how to write and spell since you were five, is a whole new level of job – hunting stupidity.

I don’t care if this was her résumé or an email confirmation for a interview (which it was), punctuation and grammar is still important.  And if nothing else, spell your own damn name right! I don’t care if she was sending it from her phone. That’s even more cause to double check. Especially with autocorrect.

Oh, yeah.  I found out she did get the interview. Ain’t that a damn shame.


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