Let Good Get Better


There are lots of things that can make an ‘okay’ job more bearable and even enjoyable than it normally is:

Our coworkers — the very people you have interact with on a daily basis for 8 hours; they can make working pleasant or painful
Our paycheck — we could all use more money, but if your bills are paid, there’s food in your house and the lights are on, don’t complain
Perks at our job — I had a job that flew me to our Northern California office, paid me for the day spwnt up there and any and all expenses I acquired during the day.
Our boss — a lot uz of have or do bitch about our bosses, but there are a number of us who’ve been fortunate to have managers and supervisors who listened and responded to our feedback and complaints. And those don’t come along too often.
Location — it’s common for people in LA to travel 20 or more miles one way for work. So when we find a job that’s 10 minutes away and has all the above included, it’s hard to find greener grass.

But with all that said, sometimes we still gotta move onto something better when the opportunity arises. And what we leave behind may be all we know, but we’ll never know if it’s better.

For those looking to make 2015 something better, jump. Leap. Fly. Whatever you have to do, do it. It’s scary. It’s definitely unsure. But it’s so possible.

Happy New Year


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