Come Highly Recommended


This is the BEST time to ask for letters of recommendations from coworkers and supervisors you’ve built a solid professional relationship with.  They can speak highly of your work ethic, of your collaboration efforts and your overall performance.  And you don’t necessarily need to be looking for a better employment position  to ask for k one — although it does look great in your candidacy package — it’s a great document (or three) to have, especially for evaluations with your current company.

But if you are looking for a better employment role — a better job — letter or recommendations help. They give prospects an insight to what current employers think. But you gotta be strategic about it.

● Only ask those who will actually write you and write one that flatters you
● Don’t just ask coworkers.  Ask your immediate supervisors and managers. Having a letter from someone that supervised you and thinks you’re the shit, speaks highly of you.
● Ask at least 10 people. You may only get two. Two is more than nothing.  In other words, the more people you ask for a Letter of recommendation, the more the yeses you’ll get and the more letters you’ll have.
● Ask former colleagues you still keep in touch with. Not everyone has to be a coworker.  Some people you ask can be from school. From a volunteer project. A professional organization you belong to. Anybody who can speak highly of you, ASK.


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